How to Upgrade Linux Kernel to Latest Version in Ubuntu

Profile pictureRocktim Saikia/2 min read

1. Check your current installed kernel version

uname -sr

2. Download the latest mainline linux kernel

Head to;O=D and open the directory of the latest mainline version.

Do not select version tags ending with -rc. Those are release candidates, we don't want them. We only want the stable versions.

Once you open the directory you will see a page similar to this one below. We want to get the amd64/build deb files that is listed right on first section. Just download all those files one by one.

kernel download page

Once downloaded, even though it is not necessary but I would recommend grouping all of those .deb files in a new directory just so they are organized neatly. This is how I organize them

kernal directories

kernal files

Now that we have all the required files. Lets just install them now. Fire up your terminal and cd into the dir where we have stored all the kernel files. And install all those files with the below command

sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Once the installation process is done successfully. Reboot your system. Ubuntu by default boots into the newer kernel version without any manual tweaks.

After the reboot, check your current kernel with the first command I mentioned in the start of this post, you should now have the latest kernel 🎉

If you encounter any issues with the new kernel. You can always boot with an older kernel from the GRUB menu. Then remove the newly installed kernel

sudo apt remove linux-headers-6.0.0*
sudo apt remove linux-image-6.0.0*
sudo apt remove linux-modules-6.0.0*